FSC System

Polyamide dyeing by exhaustion with total color levelling control

Classical polyamide dyeing I

  • Classic dyeing has been carried out with acid pH adding dye at 30ºC and rising up till 100°C, and maintaining this temperature during 60 minutes
  • The exhaustion of the anionic dye over the fiber, occurs from its introduction in the dye bath, causing important unlevelness depending on selection of dyestuffs
  • Requires a long period of leveling at 100°C with the use of migrants, which allow the shared movement of the color
  • High degree of unlevelness at the beginning, and a long period of migration later

Classical polyamide dyeing II

Its main characteristics are:

  • Auxiliaries requested (leveling agents), with high migration ability
  • Selection of dyes with high migration ability
  • High time and energy consumption
  • Not suitable for short Liquor Ratio
  • High presence of dye in the wastewater

Alternative ~ FSC System

The new system is based on avoiding unlevelness of dyeing resulting from the addition of coloring in the dye bath.

At 80ºC, the dyeing is exhausted and leveled.

The exhaustion of the color in the fiber is dominated by the system and the unlevelness is not allowed at any time

It does not need the boiling stage, essential in the classic system to level.

FSC System ~ Classic process



  • Exhaustion 100%
  • Wastewater not contaminated by color
  • A stoppage in the system does not cause irregularities
  • Better quality fiber
  • Oiling elimination
  • Better fastnesses


Reduction:           Time between 70 – 100 minutes

Reduction:           Temperature from 100 to 80ºC

Reduction:           Water approximately 25%

Reduction:           Dyestuff between 5 – 10%

It practically allows for production to be doubled

Basic Auxiliaries for the FSC system

Adratint BP

Levelling agent, with high capacity of colour retention in the dye bath

Adracid FN

Weak acid donor in the stage of rise in  temperature (neutral-phase)

Adracid FA

Acid donor for the acid phase of the dyeing

Adrafix PA-N

Fixing high performance dyestuffs.

Does not affect the hue and light fastness

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