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In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data LOPD, and EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27th of April 2016, and the Law 34/2002 dated the 11th of July, for the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI) we hereby inform you that this web is the responsibility of the mercantile ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A., (hereinafter the Company or ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A.), with NIF A-08875544 registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona volume Nº 5742, book 5040, section 2th, page 162, and sheet number 67106, with registered address in C/ VERGE DELS DOLORS, 11-17.N 08107-MARTORELLES (BARCELONA). Similarly, we inform you that the personal data that may be collected in this communication will be processed with the purpose of managing and catering for the requested services, and under the guidelines stipulated in our privacy policy, which may be consulted in the Privacy Policy section.

Express acceptance on behalf of the user is required for usage of the Page, and for each and every clause indicated in the current Legal Notice, as well as for each of the established specific warnings or clauses for contracting certain services, purchases or use of Page areas.    

If the established clauses are not accepted in the present Legal Notice, the user will refrain from accessing and/or using the services and/or contents available on the Page and proceed to leave the Page.


The user is obliged not to use the Page to carry out any activities against the law, ethics, public order, and in general, to use according to the conditions established herein. Similarly, the user is obliged not to carry out publicity or commercial exploitation by sending messages under a false identity.

ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A. acts exclusively as responsible for the Page in the capacity of information service and seller, and is not to be held responsible for the content that breaches the present general conditions.

ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A. may interrupt the service of the Page used by the user and immediately terminate the relationship with the user if any converse use of the Page or any of the services offered within, contrary to the present Legal Notice.


The entirety of this Page: text, images, brands, graphics, logotypes, buttons, software files, color combinations, structure, section, arrangement and presentation of its contents, is protected by the laws governing Intellectual and Industrial Property, and not to be used for reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, except for personal and private use.

The Company does not guarantee that the contents are accurate or error free, or that the use of these infringes third party rights. The correct or incorrect usage of this Page and its contents is entirely the responsibility of the user.

Similarly, the reproduction, retransmission, copy, transfer or rebroadcast of all or part of the information contained on the Page, whichever purpose or means used to do so, is prohibited without our prior authorization. 


The Page may include hyperlinks or links to third party sites. The sites belonging to third parties have not been revised or object of control on our behalf. In any event, we are not to be considered responsible for the contents of these sites nor for the privacy measures these may adopt regarding personal data processing.

If you wish to activate a link to our Page you should request our express consent as to do so. ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A. reserves the right to disapprove the activation of a link to its web site.


The Company is not to be held directly or collaterally responsible for:

Access speed, correct operation or availability, nor continued functioning of the Page.

Damages arising to equipment belonging to the user from usage of the Page.

Cases whereby a third party, breaching all the established security measures, accesses messages or uses these as referral of computer virus. 

The legality, reliability and utility of the contents that users transmit while using the Page or the services within, or its veracity or accuracy. The Company does not control the usage that users make of the Page, nor guarantees that these do so as established in the present Legal Notice.

By way of illustration and including but not limited, the user is responsible for:

The personally introduced content introduced, especially data introduced and sent to the Company by means of the Page or on the Page.

Carrying out any illicit activity that affects or harms the rights of third parties. 

The user will always be responsible for the custody of their password, and not disclosing this to third parties to prevent identity theft.


ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A. advises its web site users the current legislation regarding data protection for personal information, user privacy and secrecy and security for personal data in the section called “Privacy Policy” in our web.

ASSESSORS DEL RAM D’AIGUA, S.A. informs you that it adopts technical and organizational measures to assure the security of personal type data remitted and, as to prevent its alteration, loss, non-authorized processing or access, given the technological status, nature of the data and the risks this is exposed to.    

Browsing the Page leaves traces of the IP assigned to you by your access provider, this data will solely be used for the purpose of statistical data for the Page.


The present Legal Notice is drafted in English, and is subject to the current Spanish and European legislation. For any type of controversy stemming from the usage of the services offered or the contents of the Page itself, the parties hereby undergo to accept the clauses stipulated in the present Legal Notice and will be subject to the relevant tribunals.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file that downloads to your computer when accessing most web pages. Among other things, cookies allow the web page to store and recover information on user browsing habits stored on a computer, and depending on the information this contains and the usage of computer, may be used to recognize the user. When you access a web that uses cookies, the web makes your browser create, in your equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone or similar), small files with the necessary information for the web to operate. These files, called cookies, form part of the technology required for the correct operation of the web site. Cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information, and most are deleted from the hard disk after finishing the browsing session (session cookies), despite retaining your browsing and cookie history on your equipment. Cookies, as with your browsing or cache storage history, may leave activity traces on-line. This is especially important if other people have access to your equipment. Consequently, if you share equipment we recommend you delete all the historical information on browsing, cache and cookies prior to logging out.

Most browsers accept cookies on a standard basis, and temporary or memorized cookies are independently allowed or blocked in the security adjustments. Therefore, cookies may be deactivated, but the web will not work correctly. The use of cookies may be adjusted in the configuration section of your browser.

La mayoría de los navegadores aceptan como estándar a las cookies y, con independencia  permiten o impiden en los ajustes de seguridad las cookies temporales o memorizadas. Por lo que es posible desactivar las cookies, pero la web no funcionará correctamente. Puede desactivar completamente el uso de cookies en el apartado de configuración de su navegador.

What type of cookies does this web site use?

Technical cookies: are those which allow the user to browse the web site, platform or application, and to use its different options or services, such as, traffic control and data communication, session identification, access to restricted areas, memorized elements forming an order, carry out order purchasing orders, requests for an inscription or a participation in an event, use of security elements while browsing, storing media contents for videos or sound, or sharing contents through social networks.

Personalization cookies: are those which allow the user access to the service with some general predefined characteristics according to a series of criteria in the user’s data terminal; such as, language, type of browser through which access to the service is obtained, regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.

Analysis cookies: are those, either processed by ourselves or by third parties, to allow statistical measurements and analysis of the user’s use of the service offered. In order to do so, the browsing of our web site is analyzed as to improve the products and services we offer you.

Advertising cookies: are those, either processed by ourselves or by third parties, which allow us to manage in the most efficient way, the offer of advertising spaces in the web site, by adapting the content of the advertisements to the content of the requested service or to the use made of our web site. To this effect, we may analyze your Internet browsing habits and show you adverts related to your browsing profile.

Behavioral advertising cookies: are those which allow management, in the most efficient way, of the advertising spaces the editor may find fit to include in the web site, application or platform from which the requested service is offered. These cookies store user behavioral information through continued observation of browsing habits in order to develop a specific profile for corresponding advertising.

Third party cookies: This web may use third party services, which on their behalf may collect information for statistical purposes, web site usage by the user and for provision of other services related with the activity of the web site and other Internet services.

The following table identifies our own and third party cookies, and their purpose:




Purpose and objective

Local storage



Improve the loading speed of the web




Activate political acceptance of Cookies




Language modification management of WPML

Express acceptance by the user for the use of Cookies on this Web Site.

Browsing on this web site with cookies activated involves express acceptance of collected information processing; according to the fashion and purpose previously mentioned.

Similarly, the web user declares and acknowledges the possibility of refusing data or information processing by declining the “use of cookies” in their browser configuration.